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About us


Veterinary qualified Labradoodle breeders


About Us



As breeders of Australian Labradoodles we strive to produce Labradoodle puppies of the highest quality that become wonderful family pets. We are dedicated to moving our lines forward, producing puppies with consistent stunning looks, wonderful temperaments and sound health.

We specialize in miniature to large medium sized Labradoodles with easy care, fleece coats. The puppies we breed are usually in the chocolate colour range (chocolate, cafe, lavender and parchment) and caramel colour range (caramel-ice, cream- caramel and mid to dark caramel). Occasionally we may have red and gold pups.

We aim to maintain lasting relationships with our clients and this is one of the many reasons why we keep things small and personal. We offer lifetime support for your puppy - when you ask for help and advice, you are asking qualified veterinary professionals.

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We are proud to be the only Veterinarian and Veterinary Nurse team in the country breeding Australian Labradoodles. Kate has been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for many years, and James, is a fully registered Veterinarian. Kate has worked in many NSW Veterinary Hospitals over the years, and James has worked in Australian and overseas vet hospitals.

We take responsible pet ownership and breeding very seriously, and with our combined extensive knowledge and experience we are producing quality puppies of sound health and temperament. Combined, we have over 30 years of veterinary experience, and with this knowledge we ensure only healthy, well socialised pups are placed in homes.

You can verify James's veterinary registration by visiting the Veterinary Practitioner Board of NSW website and searching his registration number: N5763




We live in Central Western NSW on a 200 acre farm. We have a menagerie of farm animals and pets including horses, chickens, cattle, sheep, dogs and cats! Our family, including our two children, and pets help to socialise the puppies we breed (especially our cat Furnando, who loves puppies!).


We firmly believe in quality over quantity, and we will always be a small scale, home based breeder. We don't believe in breeding dogs in a factory like setting, producing hundreds of puppies every year. We have deliberately kept things small and personal. We are there, hands-on, from our puppies first breath until they leave us. As a small scale breeder, we only have a limited number of Labradoodle puppies for sale each year.

We have been developing our lines for over 15 years, selecting only the very best puppies to join our program. Over time we have been able to produce consistency in the temperament and appearance of our dogs, and we are very confident in the quality of the puppies we produce. We offer a health guarantee and lifetime support for your puppy.

All our dogs are hip/elbow x-rayed and DNA tested with Orivet for all breed specific hereditary diseases before breeding, and have proven themselves to have wonderful temperaments.

Every whelping, day or night, is assisted closely by us to help safely bring our puppies into the world. Our girls give birth in our house, so they are in a comfortable, homely setting to reduce their stress. Our veterinary knowledge and qualifications ensure our girls and newborns receive the highest care possible. Like a human birth, where an obstetrician and nurse attend, our girls and all have a qualified veterinarian and vet nurse to look after them around the clock.  We have our own ultrasound machine, which we use to monitor pregnancies and whelpings, and veterinary equipment and medications on hand to assist mothers and newborn puppies who may need extra help.


We follow the NSW DPI Animal Welfare Code of Practice for breeding dogs. NSW Government Registered Breeder Number BIN: B000697086. Our puppies are born in our house and are under 24hr supervision - Kate sleeps in our puppy room usually for the first week or two, depending on how mum and pups are going. The puppies then stay in our house until they are old enough to move to a puppy play area at around 4 weeks of age.

Our puppies receive weekly vet checks by James as they develop. We also expose our puppies to early neurological stimulation, basic education, age appropriate experiences and socialization as they grow. Not only do we give our puppies a C3 Vaccination (which is standard care) but also a Kennel Cough vaccination, so pups have developed immunity from KC respiratory infection before going to their new families.


Experienced care, time and effort is given to every puppy to give it the best start in life.

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NSW Government Registered Breeder Number BIN: B000697086

Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW, full registration. Number: N5763

Australian Business Register ABN: 70772733217

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