We specialise in miniature to medium size dogs. Most often the puppies we breed will mature to be small medium to medium size (approx 17-18" at the shoulder, 10-15kgs). Occasionally we have miniature litters or large medium size litters, however we do not breed standard lines.

Below are some examples of the sizes of dogs we usually have. The dogs height is measured from the wither/across the top of the shoulders.


Below are some examples of the colours we usually have in our puppies. All these puppies have been bred by us.                                            White markings on a puppy are called "abstract"markings.

Caramel shades

     Caramel-ice                          Cream-caramel                              Caramel                            Caramel abstract                  Dark caramel abstract

Chocolate shades


Parchment/Lavender                        Cafe                                     Chocolate                        Chocolate abstract                     Dark chocolate

lesser phantom.JPG

       Chocolate phantom           Lesser chocolate phantom             Chocolate sable                                                              (faint tan markings)

Gold and Red shades

Gold                                  Red abstract                                 Red

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