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What is the Goanna Hill guardian program?....
Our Guardian program is designed to have our beautiful breeding dogs raised in family homes, where they get the care and attention they deserve, whilst contributing to developing our amazing lines!  We are moving to Sydney in 2024, and bringing our program with us. 
Both males and females will be in our program for a maximum of 5 years. Females will have a maximum of 3 litters and are then retired and desexed.  You would raise your puppy as your own, and bring it back to us only for reproductive purposes (eg when a girl is ready to have her puppies, or a boy for matings). Boys will probably be used around 2 times per year.
Being qualified Veterinary professionals, your dog will receive the highest standards of care while it is with us. 

All our guardian puppies have found wonderful families. We may have limited places opening in late 2024, so if you are interested in our program, please contact us late winter for updated plans.


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